A guy named Greg Tyler from phone number 240.570.7001 has left messages wanting me to call about a book I already published about 5 years ago. He said he is from Stonewall Press, is difficult to understand because of the strong English or possibly British accent, unsue...
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As a self published author I have recently had several self-publishing companies contacting me on special deals. Stonewall Press being one of them. The old saying if it sounds to good to be true beware. I did my research and in my opinion they are just scamming self...
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I sent my manuscript of Life through the Seasons to you as you requested and I have not heard again form you...You told me you would reprint it a promote it..... I want to hear from you as to where you are in this process... I began working with Greg and the company...
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I didn't like
  • Your follow up on life through the seasons by john comer
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I almost became a victim of Stone Wall Press, a self-publishing company. Don’t get confused with other traditional publishing houses or the one in the UK. This scam company claimed to be in the business for years already but when I checked their website they have only...
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I searched for the Frankfurt German book fari, which Stonewall claims to be a part of,and they look great. They are very seductive. Glad I read some reviews.

Montejo Judith

I would best suggest that you reveal your names for legitimacy purposes so that your concerns about Stonewall Press will be addressed well. Modesty aside, the company already ...

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